Our Philosophy


Students Are First Everyday

Kid SAFE Program, Inc. strives to provide a physically safe and emotionally secure environment where children can explore and experiment with a variety of materials and experiences in a supportive, confidence building atmosphere. Kid SAFE Program offers developmentally appropriate curriculum that provides physical, emotional and cognitive growth. 

We strongly believe that working cooperatively with others helps to develop important social skills. We encourage independence, autonomy and positive self-esteem. 

Kid SAFE Program, Inc. believes that all children need to respect and appreciate others. It is our intent to implement the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) goal to: 

  • Teach children to understand and comfortably interact with difference, to appreciate all people's similarities through the different ways they are human, and to recognize and confront ideas and behaviors that are biased. 

We seek to teach, support and encourage children to practice and/ or use the lessons they will learn at Kid SAFE within their daily lives.