About Us

Friendly, Qualified Staff


 In addition to passing required Background Checks, Kid SAFE Teachers all fulfill education criteria required by the State of Wisconsin for their employment status. In addition, the director and site administrator have obtained Bachelor's Degrees or equivalent credits. All staff take park in Continuing Education programs appropriate for care of School-age children.  Staff have received training on Emergency Procedures and First Aid protocols. 

Safe and Secure


Kid SAFE is held in the Park Elementary Gym, which is a secure facility. Parents and guardians are able to enter for pickup only when admitted by licensed staff. 

A Variety of Activities


Kid SAFE provides several zones for play in a divided gymnasium, including original take-home craft activities, building toys, team games, and a quiet zone for reading.  Screen media access is limited. 

About Us

Affordable Care


Kid SAFE is reasonably priced and offers a discount on care for additional children, if more than one is enrolled. If children who require care are experiencing financial difficulties, a limited number of scholarships are available.  

Licensed and Regulated


 YoungStar is Wisconsin's child care quality rating and improvement system.  Kid SAFE has been objectively evaluated on its policies, staff, facilities and enrichment activities.  

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Community Involvment


Kid SAFE staff work closely with the community organizations in the Village of Cross Plains including the Cross Plains Police Department and the Cross Plains Optimists' Club to solicit donations to Kid SAFE and improve the standard of care. Kid SAFE also donates funds regularly to charitable organizations which enhance child welfare in the community. 

Our Program


Students Are First Everyday

Kid SAFE Program Inc. is a community based non-profit after school program. The Board and staff are dedicated to makinga safe, secure, and loving environment for the children and families in the Park and St. Francis and Elementary schools.

The Kid SAFE Program Inc will follows the Middleton-Cross Plains School District's calendar. The hours of operation are from after school to 6pm, Monday through Friday during the school year.  When the gymnasium is required for after-school events, Kid SAFE is cancelled, but always with advance notification. On Teacher Work Days during the school year, all-day care is usually offered (depending on demand). 

Registration can be full or part-time, with priority given to full time and currently enrolled children. Snacks are provided daily and meet the U.S. Department of Agriculture Childcare Program requirements. Homework help and tutoring are available, along with areas for physical activity, relaxing, crafts and outdoor activity. Thematic units and developmentally accurate activities are included in the Kid SAFE curriculum.

When feasible, the Director and Staff offer unique learning experiences such as learning how maple syrup is made and sewing winter hats. Community health and safety visitors are coordinated to provide the children extra support in the areas of safety, health and hygiene. 

When possible, organized classes taught by certified personnel are made available to students. In the past, we have partnered with teachers to provide Dance and Karate lessons to students. These specialty lessons require modest, supplemental fee.  Coach Kent of JB Sports, a provider of mobile sports and fitness programs, visits Kid SAFE every week to lead an age-appropriate sports and exercise session.  JB Sports is included in your child's tuition and requires no additional fee.

Kid SAFE is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, made up of Kid SAFE Parents, community members, and/or a representative teacher from the district.  They are glad to work with the Kid SAFE Directors and staff to provide a listening ear and any guidance they can for our community non-profit.